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Automatic Bagging Solutions

Alligator Automations is recognized worldwide as a leading provider of industrial bag packaging machines, offering an impressive array of products. We focus on supplying bagging machines that handle bags ranging from 10 kg to 2000 kg.
Our selection includes both open-mouth bagging machines and bulk bag fillers, designed to accommodate a variety of materials such as powders, granules, flakes, fibrous materials, and large particles.
Pack grains, powder, and other products in pre-formed bags efficiently
Overcome manual and disorderly packaging challenges
Achieve packaging speeds not possible manually
Save on labor, time, and factory space
Increase productivity and uptime significantly
Ensure continuous operation with 24x7 capability
Improve packaging quality consistently
Enhance hygiene throughout the packaging process
Boost profitability by minimizing product giveaways
Guarantee 98% uptime for enhanced operating efficiency

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      Alligator Infosoft

      Since its inception in 2022, Alligator Infosoft has been dedicated to spearheading innovation, achieving excellence, and providing client-centric solutions in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Anchored in a rich history and possessing an in-depth understanding of business processes, the company has evolved into a trusted partner for businesses seeking transformative ERP solutions.

      Alligator Energies

      Established in 2015, Alligator Energies Pvt. Ltd. is the renewable arm of Alligator Automations. Far beyond conventional norms, the company is reshaping the landscape of renewable energy solutions. Alligator Energies provides relevant, economically viable, and eco-friendly solutions that positively impact the environment by significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Specializing in solar energy solutions, the company is at the forefront of pioneering a movement towards a cleaner and happier future.

      Alligator Mas

      Alligator MAS Systems Pvt. Ltd. is a joint venture of Alligator Automations India Pvt. Ltd. and MAS SYSTECH Pvt. Ltd., strategically focusing on case packaging and end-of-line solutions. The company envisions becoming a solution-expert company and a global powerhouse in secondary packaging solutions.

      Mr. Krunal Kantale

      As Co-Founder and Director of Alligator Automations India Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Krunal Kantale steers the company's supply chain strategy, engineering ingenuity, and operational excellence. He oversees critical business sectors, such as Project, Purchase, Design, Control, Quality, Store, IT, Production, and Assembly. Mr Krunal’s strategic vision drives the company's growth and shapes innovative practices.

      A Mechanical Engineer, Mr. Krunal’s journey in the automation sector is marked by his early achievements in robotics. During his collegiate tenure at Sinhgad College of Engineering, he earned 43 national and international awards.

      Expanding his business scope, Mr. Krunal also established Alligator Solar and Alligator Infosoft. These ventures continue progressing under his stewardship, testifying to his versatility in successfully managing diverse businesses.

      Balancing his professional commitments, Mr. Krunal is dedicated to exploring new technologies in software and automation. He also finds relaxation in movies, making a strong case for a well-rounded approach to life. Mr. Krunal's philosophy centers on the belief that continuous learning and adaptive change are non-negotiable for growth. Applying this principle personally and professionally, he leads Alligator Automations, focusing on innovation, ethical practices, and a drive for best-in-class solutions.

      Mr. Srinivas Choudhary

      Mr. Srinivas Choudhary leads with a strategic vision at Alligator Automations India Pvt. Ltd., straddling crucial departments such as Sales, HR, Finance, and Service. His role is central to the company's operational integrity and efficiency.

      A Mechanical Engineering graduate from Sinhgad College of Engineering in 2006, Mr. Srinivas has a background rich in achievements, notably receiving 43 awards in Robotics and Automation Projects. His post-graduation experience as an Assistant Manager in the Automotive Sector at Mahindra & Mahindra Limited gave him valuable insights that shaped his career. His passion and expertise in robotic automation have been instrumental in building Alligator Automations from the ground up.

      Under Mr. Srinivas's leadership, Alligator Automations has seen an impressive growth trajectory, snowballing from a startup to a 100Cr enterprise in 15 years. He has been influential in forging strategic partnerships with renowned companies such as Reliance, Tata, Birla, JK, Adani, Ceat, Cargill, Flipkart, and Petronas, multiplying the company's footprint to 14 countries.

      Outside of his professional life, Mr. Srinivas enjoys business, music, movies, and cricket. He finds inspiration in the Bhagavad Gita's teachings on karma, reflecting on the significance of actions and their ripple effects. This perspective undergirds his approach to business, emphasizing ethical practices and mindful decision-making.