Alligator Automations provide complete turn-key solution for your bag weighing and filling requirement. A variety of materials and bulk products are packaged by using open mouth filling systems. The process of involves feeding, weighing and dumping into the bag which is clamped on an pneumatic holder. The bags are picked and placed automatically by the bag placer system. The bag is then released and dropped onto a conveyor. The automatic pre-stitch feeder carries the bag for automatic closing of the bag.

Net weigher scales pre-weighs the material in a weight hopper and then dump it into a bag. Typically, a net weigh scale is about 2x faster as a comparable gross weigh scale because, as the hopper of a net weigh scale is being filled, the bag can be positioned.


  • To pack grain and powder in pre-formed Poly-woven bags.
  • To overcomemanual and disorderly packaging.
  • To achieve high packaging speeds which are cannot be achieved manually.
  • To save labor, time and packaging space.


  • Fully automatic with Bag placer & Auto-stitch feeder
  • Accurate Weighing
  • Online Bag Metal Detector
  • Online Bag Check Weigher
  • Bag Rejection
  • Ink-jet printers and label applicators
  • Centralized Data Logging System


Machine Speed Up to 15 Bags / min
Types of bags Preformed Open Mouth, Pillow/Gusset Bags
Capacity of magazine 250- 500 Bags
Bag feeding system Magazine Feeder
Bag Material Poly-Woven, Paper Bags.
Bag Width 250 - 650 mm
Bag length 500 - 1200 mm
Type of sealing Thread Stitching / Heat Sealing
Filling 10-15 kg


  • Animal Feed
  • Pulses/Cereals
  • Chemical
  • Fertilizers
  • Powders