Secondary Bagging

Secondary Bagging

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Secondary packaging solutions are the repacking of already packed products. This ensures that products are packed properly and therefore goods do not get spoiled or damaged. Packaging products well help in maintaining quality and standard as well as keeping count of the number of pouches and boxes.


  • To pack pouches of grains and powders into pre-formed bags
  • Replace high cost cartooning and baling
  • Overcomes manual and disorderly packaging
  • This automates the entire secondary packing process thus saves labour, time and space
  • Provides a hygenic and modern secondary packing process
  • Improves Quality of Packaging


  • The machine is fully automatic and hence reduces labour.
  • Eliminates disorderly manual packaging. The secondary packaging becomes systematic.
  • Every pouch produced is checked for weight correctness.
  • Every bag produced is check for correctness in the pouch count.
  • System has inbuilt functionality of data logging. The entire production data can be logged and saved into a central server.