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A Low Level Palletizing has an in-feed entry level of approximately 30” to 36”. As product flows through on the infeed conveyor, a turning device rotates the product into the appropriate orientation before it moves to the row forming area. Once a completed row is formed, the row is pushed onto the layer forming area. This layer forming area can be a table depending on the style used by the palletizing manufacturer. Once a completed layer is formed, it is moved forward to the stripper apron or plate and is lowered or raised to the pallet or previous layer, which remains static during the load building process. This process is repeated until palletization is complete and moved onto the pallet discharge conveyor, which is typically at an elevation.


  • Floor level palletizers generally are lower in cost than high level palletizers as they do not require a work platform.
  • Maintenance on a floor level palletizer is easier than a high level palletizer because parts are easier to access.
  • A fork truck operator can monitor the case infeed of the floor level palletizer while filling the pallet magazine or removing a full load from the discharge conveyor.
  • The infeed elevation makes the low level palletizer ideal for close coupling to the case packers and case sealers, which have similar discharge elevation.