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Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Secondary Packaging Machine in Saudi Arabia, Secondary Packaging Machine Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier from Saudi Arabia. Alligator Automations is Best Secondary Packaging Machine Manufacturing Company in Saudi Arabia.

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At Alligator Automations, we are not just manufacturers of equipment, but are also responsible for the entire operation from the start to the finish. We believe in providing complete turnkey automated secondary packaging solutions that will meet your secondary packaging requirements effectively.

Secondary packaging solutions are the repacking of already packed products. This ensures that products are packed properly and therefore goods do not get spoiled or damaged. Packaging products well help in maintaining quality and standard as well as keeping count of the number of pouches and boxes.

  • To pack pouches of grains and powders into pre-formed bags
  • To replace high cost cartooning and baling
  • To overcomes manual and disorderly packaging
  • Space reduction as compared to manual packaging.
  • Packaging becomes efficient and hence the productivity increases.
  • System can be aligned for further warehousing automations making the overall packaging and logistics not dependant on workforce.
  • Every bag produced is check for correctness in the pouch count with the help of secondary bag weighment.

  • Features:-
  • Online Dynamic Check Weigher for pouches with auto rejector.
  • Metal detection of pouches with auto rejector.
  • Fully automatic with Bag placer & Auto-stich feeder.
  • Automatic Pouch Counter.
  • Metal Detector & Weighing for bag available.
  • Single machine can handle multiple product varients.
  • Centralized Data Logging System.

Technical Specification:-
Pouch Weight 0.2Kg – 10Kgs
Secondary Bag 10-50Kg
Machine Speed Infeed - 40-150 Pouches/min
Outfeed - 6-10 Bags/min
Types of bags Preformed Open Mouth, Pillow/Gusset Bags
Material of bags PE/HDPE/Paper
Capacity of 250- 500 Bags
Bag feeding system Magazine Feeder
Type of sealing Thread Stitching / Heat Sealing
Pouch weight check Optional
Bag Weight Check Optional
Metal Detection Optional