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The high-level push-type palletizer is particularly suited for achieving high speeds with stable bags that have a well-defined shape.The fact that different operations are performed simultaneously means the machine can reach high production capacities that otherwise would be impossible to achieve.

The machine is composed of a rigid structure with a vertical frame sliding on it and this holds the pallet being formed.The full bags coming from the filling line are raised to an orienting device.

Following the programmed palletizing pattern, the bags are initially arranged on the row-formation roller conveyer and then when a row is composed, it is shifted to a temporary parking area.

When the last row completes the layer, a pusher shifts the entire layer over two sliding trapdoors with that centrally unload the layer, which is then compacted on all four sides.

At this point, the doors open and unload the just-formed layer onto the pallet being made, and the frame that holds it is lowered by the thickness of one layer.

The cycle begins again until the pallet has been completed, at which point the frame descends to the level of the evacuation roller conveyor. Through this roller conveyor, the pallet is ejected and is sent to the parking roller conveyor. At the same time, a new empty pallet will have reached the mobile frame, which is raised to the height of the trapdoors to receive the first layer that has been prepared and start the new cycle.

The use of a PLC operating system and the presence of special actuators makes the procedures to change the format or program extremely fast and easy to perform.

Different palletizing patterns can be memorized in the PLC for easy execution.

The high-level push-type palletizer comes complete with a treading platform to access the elevated parts of the machine, an empty-pallet magazine, an evacuation roller conveyor and a full-pallet parking roller conveyor.

The high-level push-type palletizer comes complete with safety devices compliant with current EC standards.