Conveyor System Solution


Alligator Automations design & install high-end conveyor system solutions for factory, warehouse & logistics Conveyors. Application for Roller conveyor, Belt conveyor, chain Conveyor, Pallet Conveyor, Telescopic Conveyor & turn table conveyo.

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Handling/Pallet Conveyors: At Alligator, we understand the need for creating smart solutions that increase the efficiency of a workplace. Our high-end Pallet conveyors create systems that streamline the workflow thus imporving productivity. Keeping in mind that each workplace and product is unique, we have tailor made solutions and layouts according to specific requirements.


  • To carry filled pallet loads
  • To supply empty pallets in an automatic palletizing system


  • Chain Conveyor System
  • Roller Conveyor System
  • Belt Conveyor Systems


  • Robust Construction
  • Available in 2/3/4 track designs
  • Available with intermediate tie members to transfer pallets smoothly between the two conveyors
  • Available with standard logic to control flow of pallets


Type Chain Type
Working Height (Chain Top) 200-1500mm
Standard conveyor length Can be tailored for any size from 1200mm – 4000mm
Motor Geared Motor
Structure MS Powder Coated
No of tracks 2/3/4 track design
Chain Type Simplex/Duplex Roller Type
Chain Guides UHMWPE Strips
Load Carrying Capacity 1000-2500 Kgs
Sensor Photoelectric sensor
Tensioning arrangement Individual tensioning arrangement
Speed 12-18 m/min