Roller Pallet Conveyors

Roller Pallet Conveyors


  • To carry filled pallet loads
  • To supply empty pallets in an automatic palletizing system.


  • Robust construction.
  • Available with intermediate tie members to transfer pallets smoothly between the two conveyors.
  • Available with standard logic to control flow of pallets.
  • Long life
  • Low maintenance

Technical Specification

Type Roller Type
Working Height 300-1500mm (Customized)
Overall Length Can be tailored for any size from 1200mm – 4000mm
Motor Geared Motor
Structure MS Powder Coated
Material of Rollers MS Galvanized
Support Bearings on Rollers Precision ball bearings on both sides
Drive Chain Sprocket
Roller Diameter Optional 76/80/86mm
Pitch between rollers 150mm
Load Carrying Capacity 1000-2500 Kgs
Sensor Photoelectric sensor
Speed 12-18 m/min