Robotic Palletizing System

Robotic Palletizing System

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Alligator Automation specializes in the design and manufacturing of robotic automation solutions. Our robotic palletizing systems, bulk and case solutions, and machine tending equipment have improved the efficiency of plastics, consumer goods, food, and pharmaceutical facilities around the country.

We offer 4 primary robot models. Each model brings its own unique qualities and benefits to the ever-changing market place. From the low cost EC-61 that uses less energy than a common hair dryer to the high speed EC-201 robot capable of palletizing well over 20 bags per minute.

Fuji ACE Model



EC-171HS / HD

EC-201HS / HD


Type of Motion     


Action Mode


Load Capacity (Including End Effector)


100Kg (220lbs)

80kg (175lbs) /
130kg (280lbs)

70kg (150lbs) /
200kg (440lbs)

320kg (700 lbs)

Palletizing Capacity (cycles / hour)



1500 / 1000

1800 / 1600


Degree of freedom

    4 axis

Operating Area

Z axis (vertical)

2300mm (90.5”)

2400 mm (94.75")

2300 mm (90.5")

R axis (longitudinal)

1500mm (59”)

1600 mm (63.12")

1500 mm (59")

Theta axis (rotation)


Alpha axis (wrist)



                                                       + 0.5mm


120- 400 programming locations available

Teaching method

    Teaching playback / Teaching Support

Power Requirements

(200 / 220V, 3 phase, 50 / 60 Hz)

Power Consumption (Without Peripheral Equipment Load)

2.5 Kva / 6.5 amps

4 Kva / 10.5 amps

6.5 Kva / 17 amps

7 Kva / 18.4 amps

Robot Weight (Without End Effector)

700 kg (1544 lbs)

750 Kg (1654 lbs)

1150 Kg (2536 lbs)

Pneumatic Consumption

   *5.7 SCFM @ 70 psi (.5 MPa)